Cultural and Community Determinants of Subjective Social Status among Cherokee and White Youth view recent publication

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health has received a $15 million gift from the Fred H. Bixby Foundation learn more about foundation gift

Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD to take on new role as Associate Director RWJ Program Leadership

John W. Frank, MD to take on new position as Director of a new Medical Research Council Unit in Edinburgh, Scotland read more

Change in Health-Related Quality of Life and Subsequent Mortality Among Middle-aged and Older Women read article by Candyce Kroenke, et al.

Harold S. Luft, PhD Faculty Associate Director to leave RWJ UCSF-UCB Joint Program read more on announcement

U.S. Disparities in Health: Descriptions, Causes, and Mechanisms read article by Nancy E. Adler, PhD and David Rehkopf, ScD

The association between subjective social status and mental health among Asian immigrants: Investigating the influence of age at immigration

read article by Janxin Leu and Nancy E. Adler, et al.

Why do adolescents say they are less healthy than their parents think they are? The importance of mental health varies by social class in a nationally representative sample

by Sara B. Johnson and Constance Wang

Self-Rated Current and Future Health Independently Predict Subsequent Mortality in an Aging Population

read article by Constance Wang and William A. Satariano

Ambient temperature predicts sex ratios and male longevity

read more on Ray Catalano, PhD, et al.

"Building a Social Movement to Reverse Childhood Obesity", presented by

Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

Addressing Social Determinants of Health to be presented

Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting

Cohort 5 Scholar David Chae recipient of the 2008 American Legacy Foundation Award

read more on David

Cohort 4 Scholar Belinda Needham joins the faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

read more on Belinda


Cohort 3 Scholar Sara Johnson joins the faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

read more on Sara

Companionable Sleep: Social Regulation of Sleep and Cosleeping in Egyptian Families

read co-authored article by Ryan Brown

Cohort 3 Scholar Wizdom Powell Hammond joins the faculty at the UNC at Chapel Hill School of Public Health read more on Wizdom

Best wishes to Cohort 3 graduating Scholars! see Scholars photo

Coping with Stress: Elissa Epel, PhD, tells CBS correspondent John Blackstone how stress affects us and talks about ways to deal with it read article

Congratulations to recently selected RWJF UCSF-UCB Scholars for 2007 read more on Scholars

Invited Commentary: Beyond Frequencies and Coefficients-Toward Meaningful Descriptions for Life Course Epidemiology read more

Type 2 diabetes Risk Factors; University of California describes research in type 2 diabetes risk factors read more

Robert Hiatt appointed joint chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics read more


RWJF Scholar, Wizdom Powell awarded the Loren Frankel Research Award read more

Discovering How Environment Contributes to Breast Cancer read article

Models of the Life Course and the Youth-to-Adult Transition: The Life Trajectory Interview read more

The UCSF-UCB Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program is pleased to announce the Cohort IV Scholars for the year 2006: Ryan A. Brown, PhD, Belinda Needham, PhD, and David Rehkopf, ScD, Dsc

Dr. Nancy Adler elected to serve on the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director read more

Dr. Ray Catalano appointed to a two-year term on the NIH Mental Health Services Grant Review Committee

Former RWJ Scholar, Douglas Jutte, MD, MPH submits article: "Provider Recognition of Psychosocial Problems in Low-Income Latino Children"

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