Jenna Nobles, PhD

Jenna Nobles, PhD

Jenna Nobles is a social demographer who studies issues of development, migration, and family dynamics. Much of her previous work examines these relationships in resource-constrained settings. Her dissertation research studied the effects of parental labor migration on child development in Mexico, with a particular focus on children’s living arrangements, health status, and educational attainment. In related work, she has examined shifting family formation patterns during periods of economic and social change. As a Health and Society Scholar, Jenna will examine U.S. health issues emerging from a) population composition change on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border and b) temporary migration patterns in the wake of economic downturn and natural disaster. Jenna received her Ph.D. in sociology from UCLA, where she was an affiliate of the Center for Health and Development and the California Center for Population Research. She graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in sociology in 2002.

2007 PhD, Sociology, University of California Los Angeles

2002 BA, Sociology, summa cum laude , Boston College

American Sociological Association

Population Association of America

Nobles, Jenna and Alison Buttenheim. Forthcoming. “Marriage and Socioeconomic Change in Contemporary Indonesia.” Journal of Marriage and Family.

Nobles, Jenna and Elizabeth Frankenberg. Forthcoming. “Mothers’ Community Participation and Children’s Health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Shandra, John M., Jenna Nobles, Bruce London, and John B. Williamson. 2004. “Dependency, Democracy, Education, and Infant Mortality.” Social Science and Medicine 59(2): 321-333

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